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New WASH moving head !!

WP 300 Z


For a long time, led wash moving heads were limited in terms of beam angle because of the led technology.

The new WP 300 Z will answer all your requests and needs with its 19x10W RGBW leds providing a wide beam angle of 10° to 60° 

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COB technology: the led revolution!!


The COB technology is on its way!
NICOLS is introducing a range of new products with COB leds. The COB PANEL 240 RGB is one of them. With its 16x30W RGB full colours COB leds, it lets you take the advantage of controlling pixel by pixel the COB led power.

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NICOLS moving head

SP 600 X


The new SP 600 X moving head is now available!!

This brand new 150W white moving head has a gobo wheel, a rotative gobo wheel, a color wheel as well as a prism and a focus system.

With its light output equivalent to a 575 HMI lamp, SP 600 X is THE new NICOLS premium moving head.

See the product NICOLS